Organic Corinthian currants Vostizza PDO "Mythical Superfruit" 200g

Organic Corinthian currants Vostizza PDO "Mythical Superfruit" 200g

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Currant is a natural product made by sun drying the grapes of the Greek vine variety under the scientific name Vitis Vinifera L. Currant is cultivated in Greece and particularly on the coasts of North and West Peloponnesus as well as the Ionian islands where the soil and climatic conditions thanks to the sea breeze and the sunshine are ideal for the production of a natural product of sublime quality. Due to its excellent properties, currant has been part of the daily diet since the ancient years. Today, it is consumed as a snack or it is used as an ingredient in cooking, bakery, cake making etc preserving all its nutritious properties. Depending on the quality, we distinguish the following types of Currants: VOSTIZZA P.D.O. Gulf Provincial The world-renowned Currants under the name "VOSTIZZA" is considered the Currant of the highest quality and its distinctive feature is the excellent aroma and the unique taste. "VOSTIZZA" is exclusively cultivated on the semi-mountainous and mountainous area of Aeghialeia. Today, ACUA SA is the main company that processes and exports Currants. It exports approximately 60% of the entire annual production. Moreover ACUA SA collects, packs and exports approximately 90% of the "VOSTIZZA P.D.O." highest quality as well as significant quantities of "Gulf" and "Provincial" types. ACUA SA exports Currants to almost all over the world; the main markets being the EU member states (particularly the UK and the Netherlands) as well as other countries such as Australia, the USA etc.



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