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MastiH2O 330ml




MastiH2O 330ml

MastiH2O sparkling drink with mastiha or mastic water is a refreshing take on the beneficial properties of mastiha.  This sparkling, non-alcoholic drink is flavoured with the taste of original mastiha water from Chios, Greece and a bit of lemon and mint extract.  Feel and enjoy the spark and refreshment in every single sip.

  • zero sugar
  • zero calories
  • digestive & oral hygiene benefits

MastiH2O is best enjoyed neat after a meal.  It pairs well with lemon, mint, celery and cucumber.  Or if you prefer, mix with your favourite spirit!  Suggested pairings with rum or gin. Or perhaps even with Mastiha Spirit.

Mastiha is the natural resin of the Pistacia Lentiscus var. Chia, an evergreen bush only found in the southern part of the Greek island of Chios.  At one point, mastiha resin was worth its weight in gold!  It has been harvested locally in Chios for 25 centuries.  The area in recognized by UNESCO as port of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Mastiha has a very unique taste.  It is similar to lettuce, pine and cucumber but also a bit like carrot and maple.  Or like a combination of argan oil and birch water.

There are 3 products from mastiha:

  • resin
  • oil (from distilling the resin)
  • mastiha water (from steam in the distillation of the resin)

Digestive properties– it has been known since antiquity for its healing properties:

  • Hippocrates in 4th century BC used it for stomach ache and fight flu, mixing mastiha with honey
  • Dioscurides, 1st century BC, used it for aid to the digestive system
  • Rebasius, Soranos the Ephesian, Etius Medicus, Scribonius Largus suggested numerous remedies with Mastiha.

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