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Squid in Brine 370g


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Squid in Brine 370g

Squid in brine is thoroughly cleaned and canned whole. Each container holds from 9 to 15 pieces, depending on their size. Squid is preserved in its natural brine, keeping its flavor intact. Their natural juice is enriched with squid ink released during boiling.

FLOKOS squid in natural brine is caught in the seas of California. The particular species, Loligo opalescens, is known for its quality as well as its distinctiveness of its taste and texture.

Squid is a very popular and tasty cephalopod that can be found in all seas around the world. Except for its high content in proteins, it is a good source of phosphorus, selenium and Vitamin B12. Due to its low value in fats, it offers a tasty choice in a healthy diet.

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