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Pure Grape Syrup-Petimezi



Pure Grape Syrup-Petimezi

Grape syrup is one of the oldest sweeteners used by Europeans, long before the use of sugar had become generalised.  It comes from the condensation, usually boiling, of grape juice (must), before the fermentation begins.  It was known to both the ancient Greeks, who called it “epsima” (grape syrup) and to the Romans.  Hippocrates, and later, Galilee, attributed to it healing properties as well.  With variations in the manufacturing technique and raw material, as well as various names, among them the ancient Greek “epsima” that survives in the Cypriot dialect, the grape syrup is part of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food culture.

The careful selection of grapes from the vineyard in Attica and the slow condensation of their juice, to the ideal point, give to the PAN grape syrup a deep reddish brown colour, dense texture and rich aromatic palette, featuring sweet grapes and caramel.  The taste is exuberant, sweet, with excellent concentration and durability.

Natural, nutritious and healthy product, the grape syrup can replace sugar in beverages, or in pastry. It gives energy at breakfast, on top of yoghurt, but can also be turned into a delicious drink if you add water and ice. Try it in marinades, sauces or glaze for roasted meats.

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