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Traditional Greek Mini Barley Rusk Rolls 600g

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Traditional Greek Mini Barley Rusk Rolls 600g

Best Before 27 OCT 2018

Tradition mini barley rusk rolls or, Paksimadi, the double-baked bread of Crete, rich in beneficial ingredients, constitutes one of the pillars of the renowned Cretan Diet.

Tsatsakis Bakery, where this product is made, is dedicated to tradtional recipes using only the highest quality ingredients, resulting in wholesome food with an unbeatable taste you will immediately appreciate.


Greek mini barley rusk rolls are excellent served the traditional way, open-faced:

  1. wet lightly with water
  2. douse with extra virgin olive oil
  3. pile on crushed tomatoes
  4. top with Greek Feta and oregano
  5. ENJOY the delicious, authentic taste.
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